Xiaomi Mi Band 5 vs. Fitbit Inspire 2: Which should you buy?

Seamless tracking experience

Fitbit Inspire 2

Cost-friendly tracker

Xiaomi Mi Band 5

The new Fitbit Inspire 2 has the company’s latest feature, Active Zone Minutes, as well as some other improvements. There are additional exercise modes, 10 days of battery life, automatic workout recognition, along with guided breathing sessions.

$100 at Amazon


  • Active Zone Minutes feature
  • 20+ exercise modes
  • Activity/sleep tracking
  • Heart-rate monitoring
  • Female health tracking


  • Shorter battery life
  • More expensive
  • Lacks AMOLED display

The newest fitness tracker from Xiaomi boasts a bright AMOLED display, two weeks of battery life, activity/sleep tracking, and heart-rate monitoring. Some new perks include stress monitoring, guided breathing exercises, and female health tracking.

$50 at Amazon


  • Activity/sleep tracking
  • AMOLED display
  • Superior battery life
  • Heart-rate monitoring
  • Female health tracking


  • Fewer sport modes
  • Lacks Active Zone Minutes
  • No Fitbit Premium equivalent

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 vs. Fitbit Inspire 2 What’s the difference?

Whether you’re buying your very first fitness tracker or you’re thinking about upgrading to a new device, there are plenty of options to choose from these days. Two of the newest trackers to hit the market are the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 and the Fitbit Inspire 2.

Both options bring a lot to the table, but your budget and what features you want will likely be the two deciding factors here. Those who want as many features as possible and a seamless fitness tracking experience will prefer the Fitbit Inspire 2. If you’re content with features that cover the basics and a few extras while sticking to a budget, the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will be a better pick.

The Fitbit Inspire 2 brings the heat

Fitbit Inspire 2

Source: Fitbit

While the Fitbit Inspire 2 design may not look all that different from the original, the company states that the casing has been streamlined and it has eliminated the outdated side button. You’ll now have an easy-to-use capacitive button instead. Another improvement is the battery life, which has increased to 10 days.

On the topic of design, the new edition is available in three color options, including Lunar White, Desert Rose, and Black. You can always opt for other first-party or third-party band options as well. Those who don’t want to wear the tracker on their wrist but still want to track steps like a standard pedometer can take advantage of the clip-on accessory.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5Fitbit Inspire 2
Sensors3-axis accelerometer + 3-axis gyroscope, PPG heart rate sensor3-axis accelerometer, optical heart rate sensor
Battery life14 days10 days
Water resistance5ATM5ATM
Exercise modes1120
Active Zone Minutes✔️
Female health tracking✔️✔️
Sleep monitoring✔️✔️
Guided breathing✔️✔️

You’ll now have the ability to track Active Zone Minutes, which is one of the company’s newest fitness features. You earn these based on your target heart rate zones. You’ll be able to see when you enter peak, cardio, and fat burn. If you’re a new Fitbit Premium user, you’ll get a year free when you buy the Inspire 2. The guided workouts provided in Premium will help you get your heart pumping so you can maximize your workout sessions.

If you’re familiar with the previous model, you’ll be happy to know that you’ll still enjoy many of the same great features. You’ll have 24/7 heart-rate tracking, cardio fitness level, sleep monitoring with sleep scores, female health tracking, reminders to move, and automatic exercise recognition. If you consider stretching your budget a bit further, you can get even more bang for your buck by choosing a smartwatch instead of a tracker.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 does a lot for a low price

Mi Band 5 Hero

Source: Xiaomi

If you don’t think you’ll miss the extras that the Fitbit Inspire 2 offers, you might find yourself leaning toward the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 instead. The attractive low price tag isn’t a bad bonus, either. You’ll also enjoy a colorful AMOLED display and 2 weeks of battery, which is where the Mi Band 5 beats the Inspire 2. The global version that works outside of China comes in a straightforward design with a black polycarbonate case and a black TPU strap.

Compared to its predecessor, the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has come a long way. For starters, the sport modes have nearly doubled and you also have better heart rate accuracy and more detailed sleep tracking. Previously, you had to pop your tracker out of the band to charge it. Fortunately, this hassle has been left behind on the new model. Now, you can leave your tracker inside of the band when you use the new magnetic charger.

When it comes to features, you’ll have everything you need to track your health/fitness metrics. The Mi Band 5 offers 11 different sport modes, heart-rate monitoring, female health tracking, sleep monitoring, stress tracking, and guided breathing exercises.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 vs. Fitbit Inspire 2 Which should you buy?

Fitbit Inspire 2 Hero Image

Source: Fitbit

At the end of the day, these two fitness trackers share a lot of similar features. Either one of them is an excellent option for those who want to track important aspects of their overall health and fitness. The final decision will come down to whether or not you want more advanced features as well as how much you’re willing to spend on your fitness tracker.

Whether this is your first time buying a fitness tracker or you simply want to keep your costs low, the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is the better budget pick for tracking the basics. It might be more basic than the Fitbit Inspire 2, but it has some solid upgrades from its predecessor that some users might find worthwhile.

If you don’t mind spending a bit more for more features, you’ll be better off choosing the Fitbit Inspire 2. It has new Active Zone Minutes, more exercise modes, longer battery life than its predecessor, and guided breathing. New users will receive a year of Fitbit Premium for free. It’s available for pre-order now and will ship out on September 25.

Seamless tracking experience

Fitbit Inspire 2

For those who want it all

If you want to get the most use out of your tracker, the Inspire 2 is an excellent choice. It has more exercise modes than ever before, longer battery life, new Active Zone Minutes, stress monitoring with guided breathing, and more.

Cost-friendly tracker

Xiaomi Mi Band 5

A more affordable approach

The Mi Band 5 rolled out some great new perks, including female health tracking, stress monitoring, and guided breathing exercises. Not to mention that you’ll enjoy a slightly larger display than its predecessor.

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