With masks, social distancing, and solo runs, Gurgaon’s fitness community makes a cautious comeback outdoors

After the gradual easing of restrictions in the ongoing lockdown in Gurgaon, the city’s once-vibrant running and fitness community is trying to get back on its feet. Since the first phase of the lockdown was announced, the running tracks, cycling lanes, and parks of the city had been deserted, but over the past week, fitness enthusiasts have started to reclaim those spaces – albeit with caution. Annu Marbaniang, a fitness athlete from the Millennium City, tells us, “I know the situation is very bad. With the lockdown, you can’t go out. But this can’t be an excuse. You have to find a way to stay active while also making sure that you continue to follow the guidelines laid down for your safety. The best way is to go for early morning runs.”

The runners and cyclists may have re-started their morning runs, rides and workouts but they are still practising social distancing norms while doing that. Hence, large groups have been replaced by smaller groups and individual early morning runs. The runners are also trying to get used to wearing a mask during workouts. Preeti Singh, a city-based running enthusiast, says, “People should come out with their masks and maintain social distancing. Yes, the mask can be restrictive when you run but health concerns outweigh comfort right now.” Kapil Chauhan, who has resumed his cycling rides after close to two months recently, adds, “Yes, the mask restricts your breathing. You can’t do intense training with that. But then, something is better than nothing. Going for low-intensity rides and workouts while wearing a mask is okay for me now. We all have to get used to it.”

The fitness freaks say they are aware that this may not be a stopgap arrangement and they need to be prepared to accept this as the new normal. The city’s first Ultraman finisher Abhishek Mishra says, “There are different ways to stay fit. Of course, you have the exercises at home and running and cycling outside. We have all been doing the first one for the last two months. But just because the lockdown has been eased does not mean we should go all out for outdoor activities. This model will go on until this lockdown is relaxed completely. Even after that, we need to adjust our workouts according to the demands of the day.”

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