What Is Samsung Health, and How Does It Work?

While health and fitness-tracking app Samsung Health has been around since 2012, the brand’s recent addition of Samsung Smart TVs to its Health platform makes it even easier to work out at home. Designed to make your fitness and wellness journey as simple as possible, the Samsung Health platform–which is also available on iPhones, Google phones, and Androids—now includes your television (or televisions!). If you have a Samsung Smart TV, you can use the free app for workouts, meditations, and more. Let your gym membership lapse during COVID-19 quarantine? This is a good opportunity to try a new way of staying fit and healthy. (Also: It’s free!)

Here’s how it works: Sync your Samsung Health app with your watch, your phone, and your TV (you need a Smart TV by Samsung specifically), then program your TV to tell you calming sleep stories, wake you up with a sunrise meditation, and train you in everything from barre to boxing. At a time when most of us are home more than ever—although U.S. businesses are gradually opening up after an extended lockdown, many of us are still working, eating, and exercising at home as we practicing social distancing—the platform makes it a little easier to maintain your mental and physical health during a notoriously turbulent year.

You can also get a free 28-day workout plan through Jillian Michaels’ Fitness App, which, along with popular wellness apps like Calm, barre3, and Obé, is available on the Health platform. “It’s hard to be socially distanced and have our routine so completely upended,” Michaels told Marie Claire of her app. “Having a fitness routine that can keep you moving through this does wonders for your mood, energy and more.”

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And if you’re worried about not having a home gym or a lot of workout tools, don’t sweat it (pun intended)—Michaels says that you don’t need to. “You can train very effectively with nothing but your own body weight. There are also a lot of great exercises you can do with things like a simple hand towel or a chair,” she says. “Just find a place that gives you enough room to move around in and maybe allows for you to have simple equipment, if any, close at hand. You don’t need a fancy setup to get a great workout in.”


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