Triathlete Chris Roy opens new health and fitness studio opens in Aberdeen

A former professional triathlete from Aberdeen has returned to the Granite City to open a health and fitness business.

Chris Roy, who has spent the last nine years competing as an elite multisport athlete in southern Spain, launched Toro Blanco based in Aberdeen’s west end.

The private health and fitness training studio aims to improve individuals’ health and wellbeing, specialising in medical-related health and fitness testing and training.

Toro Blanco opened its doors at Queen’s Lane South health studio weeks before the coronavirus pandemic led to its temporary closure.

In line with Scottish Government guidance, it was able to reopen its indoor training services on August 31.

Chris Roy said: “People are suffering associated diseases and medical challenges and I believe these can be preventable through guided health testing, monitoring and exercise.

“I want to help them transform their lives and in setting up Toro Blanco that is my aim. I believe with the right help and support people can live fitter and healthier lives, without or with reduced dependency on medication.”

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