Transform your health in 100 days with SOTKA, the free educational fitness app (Sponsored)

As the COVID-19 quarantine keeps a tight grip around most of the globe, staying in shape has grown increasingly more difficult, especially for those who used to frequent the gym several times a week. With many fitness centers severely restricted or closed down entirely, fit fanatics have adopted other regimens — like street workouts, an exercise subculture cofounded by Anton Kuchumov — in order to stay in shape. Keep your body toned and healthy with some help from SOTKA, the free “edufitness” app by Kuchumov himself.

Your next 100 days SOTKA

SOTKA is a unique hybrid application — comprised of one part education, another part fitness guide — designed to help people of any age, gender, or physical conditions start or maintain a healthy lifestyle. The app takes participants on a 100-day scientifically backed journey, all neatly divided into three stages that each focus on increasingly difficult degrees of training. Today, it has helped more than 500,000 people across Android and iOS transform their lives for the better.

The Basic Block establishes fundamentals and core techniques that will help users get the most out of their street workouts. For the first 49 days, participants will be taught how to properly warm up and cool down, balance caloric intake and output, tune breathing while exercising, safely train while under the weather, and more.

The Advanced Block kicks training up a notch, taking users through 42 days of more rigorous activities that build upon the basic fundamentals. During this period, participants will revisit a number of exercise techniques, learn about sports nutrition, gain tips for increasing immunity, understand the four factors that enable muscle growth, etc.


The Turbo Block is the final sprint to the finish line. For one high-paced week, users will take part in seven unique training routines that will test their strength, resolve, and growth along their journey to a healthier lifestyle. All of this leads up day 99 and 100, the final two days where users rest, reflect on their journeys, and provide feedback so that future SOTKA participants may gain even more from their own experiences.

Read what SOTKA participants had to say about the program

By now, you may be wondering if you can personally improve your health by using SOTKA’s street workout program, and the answer is “absolutely!” Here are some of the things SOTKA participants had to say after completing their 100 days:

Before going through SOTKA, when I was coming home from work, I only had enough strength to lay on the couch and watch TV. But after the first two weeks into the program, I already had enough strength for my work 9 to 5, home duties after that, and even for my evening training session! I have also become much more confident in myself, and now I love my own reflection in the mirror. Believe me, this costs a lot!

– Jason, 26

I’m more than happy with the results which I have achieved during SOTKA! I have also learned a lot of new information, both useful and interesting. And I started to take my workouts with much more responsibility. Now every morning, I wake up with my mind already thinking about my training session in the evening. This is so COOL! 😍

– Olivia, 30

To read more participant testimonials, along with before and after photos, check out SOTKA’s official landing page here.

Remember to exercise responsibly

In these unprecedented times, it’s important to exercise responsibly, even while outdoors. Make sure you’re properly social distancing while conducting your exercise regimen. Also remember to wear gloves — or wipe down all park equipment used during your street workouts — before and after exercising.

Download SOTKA today

SOTKA first launched back in August 2017. It has since garnered more than 100,000 downloads on the Play Store and is backed by a 4.8/5 rating from nearly 5,000 users. The core functionality of SOTKA is available for free, plus it includes in-app purchases. To get started, download SOTKA from the Play Store, or pick it up from the App Store, today.

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