Tony Daley’s health and fitness tips: How to deal with aches and pains

As lockdown eases, those aches, pains and stiff joints won’t – especially for slightly older folk like myself.

I have had quite a few friends in their early 50s telling me that they are suffering new problems with bones and muscles after ten weeks of sudden regular exercise.

Unfortunately, that is an issue which needs to be managed rather than can be cured at our age.

Using certain parts of the body after a long while of not doing so – be it jogging, biking or even taking up a new hobby like a musical instrument – can result in early arthritis in the knees, ankles, arms, fingers.

This is when the joints rub together without enough fluid around them – and it produces inflammation of the joints.

The hot weather does help. I know with my dodgy knee that it is a lot less painful and needs less warming up when the sun is shining.

If it’s cold, though, it needs a lot more stretching and preparation before any work out. You can

On top of that, as I have said pretty much every week when discussing fitness, a good, healthy diet is essential to assist your recovery from arthritic injury.

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That means cutting out fast food and takeaways, sugary, fizzy drinks – and, yes, even alcohol. Sub those for good white meat, green vegetables and water and you’ll be on the right track.

On the subject of the older more vulnerable people in society, remember to keep looking out for them. We may be getting our freedom back but the over 70s are not so fortunate.

Don’t stop being a good neighbour just because you’re allowed out and about. It’s vital we all stay in touch post-coronavirus.

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