The Fitness Tracker Band for People’s Health

New KoreTrak Device Is a Fitness Tracker and a Smartwatch in One

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 13, 2020 / KoreTrak is a fitness tracking smartwatch that has recently been released across the globe. Although it’s been out for only a short time, it has already attracted quite a bit of attention. As this KoreTrak smartwatch review will show, the product deserves every bit of praise it gets. It helps customers keep track of their exercise and reach their fitness goals.

What Is KoreTrak?
KoreTrak fitness tracker helps users live healthier, happier lives. It fits comfortably on the wrist, and it’s sleek and subtle enough that customers can pair it up with any outfit. In fact, most KoreTrak reviews claim that it’s a perfect watch to wear while running, swimming, taking a walk, or even sleeping.

Health and Fitness Tracker
KoreTrak smartwatch monitors important health parameters, such as heart rate, blood oxygen, and blood pressure. All stats are updated every 10 seconds and displayed on the screen at all times. Keeping track of them raises users’ awareness of their own health and bodily functions.

And since this smartwatch’s primary purpose is to promote a healthy lifestyle, it also comes with a fitness tracker. The fitness tracker allows users to set their daily goals and alerts them when they have reached them. There are three parameters the tracker monitors – the number of steps taken, calories burned, and the time spent doing a certain activity.

For instance, the user might choose to go running, swimming, and walking in a single day. With a few clicks, they can set the tracker to monitor their progress in each of these activities. Then, at the end of the day, they will get the results and see how well they performed.

Inactivity Alerts
KoreTrak fitness band doesn’t let users get lazy – inactivity alerts are there to remind them to get up and be active. Since the alerts are customizable, consumers have full control over their rest and exercise periods. With just a few clicks, every user can decide how long they want to relax and when it’s time to get moving again.

Sleep Pattern Analysis
A good night’s sleep is essential both for physical and mental health – and KoreTrak understands this. That’s why the smartwatch analyzes users’ sleep patterns and gives them feedback and suggestions. Ultimately, the goal is to help each wearer feel well-rested and ready to seize the day. And according to some KoreTrak reviews, it delivers on this promise!

Compatible With Smartphones
KoreTrak fitness tracker also allows users to stay connected to their smartphones. All calls and message notifications will pop up on the smartwatch, so there’s no need to worry about missing something important during a morning jog. And unlike a smartphone, KoreTrak conveniently fits on the wrist, and it’s barely noticeable!

Good news for avid swimmers – KoreTrak smartwatch has an IP67 waterproof rating. That means that it can be submerged in a one-meter deep body of water for 30 minutes – just enough for a quick swim. For the same reason, there’s no need to take it off in the shower either. Ultimately, users don’t have to take the smartwatch off at all!

Sleek Design
According to KoreTrak reviews, the smartwatch looks great and feels even better. Its adjustable band hugs the wrist comfortably and doesn’t press or irritate the skin. Black is the standard color – but there are several options to choose from. Thus, every customer can find something that suits their taste.

KoreTrak Facts and Specs

Color: Black, but there are customization options for the wristband

IP67 waterproof rating

Compatible with Android and Apple smartphones

Sleep and exercise trackers

No-fuss interface

How Does KoreTrak Work?
KoreTrak uses advanced biometric sensors to monitor and analyze the activity of the body and deliver real-time insights. But while the technology is quite complex, the device itself is rather easy to use. In fact, even someone who isn’t experienced with smartwatches won’t have any problems operating KoreTrak.

All its functions are clearly displayed on the interface and easy to access. Aside from the health and fitness stats, users can check the time and date, see the weather and temperature, and access built-in fitness apps. In these apps, they can set their daily or weekly goals, and see a detailed overview of their activity.

And connecting to a smartphone is just as simple – all one has to do is use Bluetooth. KoreTrak can store data up to a week on its own, but the two devices will synchronize as soon as they are in Bluetooth range.

KoreTrak Pros and Cons


– User-friendly and easy to operate

– Can withstand one-meter deep water for 30 minutes

– Compatible with Android and iOS

– Simultaneously a fitness tracker, health monitor, sleep pattern analyzer, and smartwatch

– Modern design and several customization options

– Comfortable on the wrist

– Alerts the user when it’s time to start working out and promotes a healthy lifestyle


– Available only online

– Limited availability

– The inactivity alert may get annoying, especially if you don’t walk around

Final Verdict
Most KoreTrak reviews agree that the fitness band is worth buying. In these busy times, it’s easy to forget about health and fitness, but KoreTrak regularly reminds users to take care of themselves. Its advanced biometric sensors keep track of customers’ well-being and exercise, making sure they reach their goals and stay in the right mindset.

Finding such a quality product for a low price is quite a miracle, so there’s no doubt that every customer will be satisfied. Still, if they aren’t, or if they have any issues with it, they can return it within 30 days for a full refund. Ultimately, there is no reason not to give KoreTrak a try.

For more information about KoreTrak smartwatch or the company itself, visit the official KoreTrak website.

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