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Disparities in vaccination rates have long persisted across certain demographic groups due to differences in health care access. For example, affluent children are more likely to be vaccinated than children in low-income communities. However, increased parental concern over vaccine safety and efficacy has rejuvenated a social movement aiming to prevent children’s vaccinations.

The anti-vaccination movement, which gained prominence in the U.S. through social media and television talk shows, is weakening the nation’s collective immunity. This became particularly evident in 2014 during one of the most infamous measles outbreaks in recent years, which originated in Disneyland and spread to 111 cases nationwide. Some victims were too young to have been vaccinated, but almost half did not receive vaccines due to “philosophical or religious objections,” a phenomenon that has been growing in recent years.

Given recent outbreaks in measles and the rise of the anti-vaccination movement, researchers at wanted to find which states are best and worst at vaccinating their children. Using data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Immunization Survey, they examined how many children have completed the combined 7-vaccine series, which includes: 4 or more doses of DTaP, 3 or more doses of Polio, 1 or more doses of MMR, Hib full series (3 or 4 doses, depending on product type received), 3 or more doses of HepB, 1 or more doses of Varicella, and 4 or more doses of PCV.

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