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Test Nebraska

A lab technician works on processing a COVID-19 test May 28 at CHI St. Elizabeth.

Test Nebraska, the state’s coronavirus testing initiative, tested more than 24,000 Nebraskans during the month of May with 886, or 3.7%, testing positive for infection by the virus.

Meanwhile, 405,595 Nebraskans have completed Test Nebraska assessments online in preparation for possible testing.

Those figures were released in a monthly report by the state on Wednesday and they represent a successful startup for the state’s testing program, Dr. Gary Anthone, the state’s chief medical officer, said in assessing the statistics.

Testing under the state program began on May 4.

Potential COVID-19 Nebraska ag losses pegged at $3.7 billion

All told, 1,106 Nebraskans have received positive test results since Test Nebraska testing began in the state, while 26,126 have tested negative.

Overall, the state Department of Health and Human Services reports 16,025 coronavirus cases in Nebraska, with a positive rate of 13%.

The positive rate for Test Nebraska participants, the vast majority of whom are not displaying symptoms, is around 4%.

“We are pleased with the response and we are working to help more communities access testing each day,” Anthone said. 

“Widespread testing is a proven, effective way to combat virus spread,” he said.   

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