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Snezana Wood shares her health, fitness, diet and wellness tricks and tips

Snezana and Sam Wood have proved not all love stories are traditional. Here, she shares how she’s getting through isolation with her family, through late night feeds, workouts and why a good smooch in the morning and at night should never be underestimated. 

In our editorial series My Healthy Habits, we chat to inspiring individuals about their health and wellness routines, where they share everything from their fitness routines to their beauty go-to’s and midweek meals. Jennifer Hawkins‘ shares how her life has changed since becoming a new Mum, Lili Reinhart turns to self-help books as meditation and Olympian Morgan Mitchell discovered the benefits of regular colonics.

Snezana Wood is one busy woman, the mother of three to husband and fitness guru Sam Wood, is in-the-know when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. Here, she chats with Body+Soul about how she keeps it together and shares some insights on motherhood, appreciating good coffee and the importance of a giving your kids and partner a good kiss!

Outline your morning ritual for us…

The very first thing Sam and I do in the morning is give each other a little good morning kiss. I throw my warm robe on and go and get our two little girls out of bed because they’re the ones that woke us up (generally with Willow screaming GET ME OUT OF HERE! While Charlie plays contently in her cot until she hears Willow). At this point, I make my first cup of coffee for my first attempt actually drink it. I then spend the next 20 minutes trying to get Eve out of bed, she’s a teenager so this isn’t the easiest thing to do, so I let her little sisters invade her room to help me out. By now I’m at my 5th attempt of a coffee.

Outline your night ritual for us…

My nighttime routine consists of getting Charlie’s bottles and water thermos ready for late night formula feeds. I then have a hot shower, moisturise my body, cleanse and moisturise my face, brush my teeth and if I’m wearing an unscented body moisturiser I always pop a light fragrance on even to stay at home and go to bed. I always check on the girls and then head to bed. I then quickly go through what I have on the next day, then moisturise my hands. It’s a necessity they’re extremely dry at the moment so I’m currently using the heavy duty Dermal Therapy Hand Balm ($5.99, at Chemist Warehouse). Then Sam and I kiss each other good night and tell each other ‘I love you’.

First thing you do when you wake up?

Kiss my husband good morning and I make the first of many coffees that I never drink.

Last thing you do before you go to sleep?

The last thing I do before I go to sleep is kiss all three girls goodnight as they sleep. This is one of my favourite parts of the day, they look so peaceful and my heart just explodes with love for all of them and I’m so grateful we have three beautiful healthy girls.

What is your weeknight dinner philosophy?

We have early 5.30/6pm dinners which I love and it’s normally something quick, easy and usually dictated by the kids.

What’s a normal meal look like?

A normal meal for us consists of lots veggies and mixing up the protein each night. Also being Macedonian the bread is normally not too far away.

What health/body treatment is a regular for you and why?

I wouldn’t say I have any regular treatments, however when we are out of isolation and in the clear, acupuncture and infrared sauna is definitely something I’m going to try.

Do you practice mindfulness? How?

I use the mindfulness component on the 28 by Sam Wood program which I absolutely love. It has Craig Harper who’s the motivation expert, Anne Maree the mindfulness master and Hamish Blake doing guided meditations. I also use the Calm app when I feel I need something to help me sleep.

What’s your approach to more alternative forms of beauty and wellness practises?

I use aromatherapy on a daily basis, it’s a practise that’s been around for thousands of years and I love the psychological and physical effect. I also burn sage to get rid of bad Juju – hahaha, I’m a little spiritual!

What do you do to help your body recover after a workout/hectic week?

With the current situation in the world a foam roller and spikey ball are the painful and uncomfortable recovery options I turn to. You gotta love that good pain.

Talk us through your fitness approach…

I definitely listen to my body and mix things up, but at the same time try to follow a loose plan that works for me as a busy mum of three (four really, Sam’s the most difficult)!

Do you regularly listen to/like any wellness podcasts? If so, which ones?

I’ve only recently jumped on the podcast train and I’m absolutely loving it. A few I currently listen to are On Purpose Jay Shetty, The You Project Craig Harper, TED Talks Daily, Tony Robbins and The Tim Ferris Show.

Do you use any wellness technology you use or Apps to monitor your health/fitness/ sleep?

Absolutely that’s what 28 [by Sam Wood] is all about. It’s great for food and fitness with my meals and workouts. I also like to wear a Fitbit when I run.

What’s your trick to making it through 3pm slump?

The 3pm slump is what happens when you haven’t eaten as well as you should have prior. Best way to beat this is by having a great nutritious lunch that won’t have you spike then crash and burn at 3pm. Alternatively, coffee and chocolate never fails!

An average Sunday night looks like…

Dinner at 6pm and have the little ones in bed by 7.30pm then some dessert and wine on the couch while watching a movie or Sopranos re-run with Sam and Eve. (Eve normally ditches us) then I’ll have a cup of tea with Sam and watch one of our shows.

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