PrayFit Serves The Disability Community Through Health and Fitness

PrayFit Serves The Disability Community Through Health and Fitness – Press Release

This non-profit organization donates, pledges, and holds fundraisers to provide the gifts of mobility and respite to those in need

PrayFit is a non-profit organization on a mission to use faith, health, fitness, and community to create meaningful and impactful change for those impacted by special needs and disabilities. The Body – PrayFit’s community of fitness enthusiasts, trainers, dietitians, and doctors – is a passionate group of monthly givers on a mission to help solve the mobility crisis and to fund respite programs for parents and caregivers.

To this day, the statistics are overwhelming – 1 billion people are impacted by disabilities worldwide, including the caregivers and parents who take care of them. Raising a child or caring for an adult with autism or other special needs comes with many joys, but there is no doubt it can be expensive, challenging and, at times, exhausting. Parents and caregivers simply need time for rest, play, meetings, or even gardening. It’s an overwhelming undertaking, but research shows that even a few hours of respite a week can improve a caregiver’s well-being.

In addition, 70 million people live without the gift of mobility, which means they have no way of getting from one room to the next. Of those 70 million, only 10 percent have access to the most basic of resources to help them make their way to wherever they want to go – whether it is to the bathroom, to school, or to a neighbor’s house.

The numbers are staggering, but PrayFit’s founder and best-selling author Jimmy Peña, sees this as an opportunity and responsibility for the fitness industry to change the lives of those around the world. “The mobility crisis is huge, but it is solvable,” says Peña. “Mobility changes everything.”

To help share the need, PrayFit is hosting an awareness campaign for the global crisis of mobility called PrayFit’s National Leg Day on October 2, 2020. To participate, all you have to do is what you enjoy: lift, run, bike… whatever you can do to help spread the message for those who can’t move.

Join PrayFit and invest monthly in mobility and respite. Learn more at

About PrayFit

PrayFit® is a non-profit organization full of passionate monthly givers on a mission to help solve the mobility crisis and to fund respite programs for parents and caregivers.

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