Personalise your wearable device – Here’s how you can change watch face in your Honor band 5

Change/Download Watch Faces in your Honor Bands&nbsp

Key Highlights

  • Honor Band 5 comes with multiple changeable watch faces.
  • Users can edit the watch faces as per their needs.
  • You can change your watch faces using the Huawei Health app or you can make the change from the band itself.

There are far too many wearable devices available in the market. One of the reasons these wearable devices have become so popular is because with health vulnerabilities knocking at one’s door, people have become more cautious about their health and fitness. Right now, one brand that is tapping into the market of wearable devices is Honor by Huawei Technologies.

Honor Band 5i is a fitness band that is equipped with Bluetooth syncing feature and comes with a 7-14 Days battery life. This band monitors the user’s heart rate, calories intake, sleep cycle, blood oxygen saturation and keeps a track on the steps walked in a day’s time. The band also offers a bright AMOLED display and it can be worn underwater.

 The Honor 5i band is compatible with Android and iOS. Thus, those who wish to use this band; they will have to pair the Honor Band 5 with their smartphone by installing Huawei Health app. Once paired, the band is capable of sending push notification and other reminders to the user. You can use your smartphone to download different watch faces for your devices. Honor Band 5 comes with multiple changeable watch faces and the users can choose the one that suits them the best. 

How to change watch face in your Honor band 5

Change through app

  1. Download Huawei Health App
  2. Open the app and go to your Device
  3. Now tap on Watch faces > More
  4. Tap on Install after you find watch face of your choice
  5. You watch will automatically switch to chosen face
  6. You can also touch the installed watch face and tap on Set As Default

Change through Band (1)

  1. Tap on your wearable device’s screen and hold it for 5 seconds
  2. Then you can scroll through different Watch Faces
  3. Select your preferred Watch Face and Tap to confirm

Change through Band (2)

  1. Scroll down your screen
  2. Tap on More > Faces
  3. Select your preferred Watch Face and Tap to confirm

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