Pakistan’s First Digital Fitness Network is LIVE now

Underscoring the commitment to innovative leadership in the digital media space, Dot Republic Media, in collaboration with Alchemists, has launched a distinctive ‘Pakistan’s First Digital Fitness Network’ Creators One Fitness offering a variety of content to the masses.

Fatima Zara Mallick Trainer

At the cutting edge of content creation, Creators One Fitness brings together top-class instructors, fitness trainers, and health enthusiasts on one platform, providing access to unique health, fitness and nutrition-related content.

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 The platform delivers niche-oriented original content tailored to the needs of the audience, ranging from fitness and nutrition regimes, online workouts, wellness content, and tips and techniques for healthy living. The fitness creators on the platform include well-established names like Fatima Zara Mallick, Fatma Khalil, Faizan Quadri, Kamran Farooq, Alina Iftikhar, Zaheer Kiani, Shahzad Malik, Nabeel Shamsi, Mehak Imran and Sarah Malik, with the first set of videos already LIVE on the channel:

Mehak Imran Trainer

Shoulders & Arms Workout at Home by Faizan Quadri Core & Legs Heels Workout by FZM and Nadia Hussain KhanFull Body HIIT Easy Home Workout without Equipment by Mehak ImranEasy Home Workout without Equipment by Shehzad MalikEasy Full Body Home Pilates Barre Fusion Workout by Fatima Zara Mallick.

The initiative has been designed to keep the masses healthy and moving despite the barriers they might be facing during the COVID-19 global crisis. With the majority of the world now asked to stay at home, health and fitness have proven to be essential to boost the immune system and support mental and physical well-being.

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Shahzad Malik Trainer

“The purpose behind this new venture is to deliver a compelling experience to the consumer in the comfort of their homes, making use of the wide digital space. Bringing influential content creators together, we believe our platform could help the viewers achieve their fitness destinations without the hassle of movement during these times,” said Adnan Butt, CEO of Dot Republic Media.

“Really excited to be collaborating DRM on this venture, and providing a unique platform that connects the best of fitness trainers in the country with the audience of over 75 million Pakistani’s online,” said Samra Muslim, CEO of Alchemists. “As a talent agency, we are always looking for ways to give upcoming and existing talent a new avenue to build themselves, and given the changing behaviour, we are really excited to be able to give a platform to so many fitness enthusiasts to turn into content creators, and help them reach the massive online audience.” 

Addressing various topics like workout routines from home, health and well-being, nutritious and wholesome living and can be subscribed from here: 

The platform is on the first leg of its launch with numerous fitness fanatics on-board. It has also provided the perfect opportunity for more fitness influencers from all across the country to join this exclusive platform and exhibit their knowledge and experience to the viewers. 

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