Non-profit takes fitness online for underserved communities during COVID-19

The non-profit FIT4THECAUSE focuses on bringing health and fitness to low-income communities.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, founder Cindy Rakowitz, and the FIT4THECAUSE team were doing fitness and nutrition classes in hospitals, schools and senior living facilities from the northern parts of Ventura County all the way to the east San Fernando Valley. With group gatherings no longer being an option, they had to think of other ways to keep people fit.

“She’s (Cindy) encouraging us, now what she did was when all this stopped it didn’t stop her…(Cindy) said, ‘How can we do this, how can we bring these lessons’ and she set up a studio and she does them via Zoom,” said Irene Miscione, a volunteer for the organization.

Zoom has become a great tool for schools, gyms and even family reunions, and Cindy said there’s even more opportunities with going virtual.

“What’s really exciting whereas people would think that outreach would’ve shrunk, we’re reaching people from around the world now. I had someone take a class with me from Poland,” said Cindy Rakowitz, founder of FIT4THECAUSE.

Classes like dance, Zumba, yoga and nutrition counseling are just a few of the services they offer and if you would like to learn more visit

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