Nebraska HHS issues rationing recs for COVID treatment remdesivir | Health and Fitness

Local View: Bioscience sector stepping up

* Patients confirmed to have the infection by an antigen test and who have had symptoms less than 10 days;

* Those who require oxygen treatment;

* Those with certain levels of compromised kidney or liver function.

The department is recommending no more than five days therapy with the drug. And patients have to be told of the unapproved status of the drug and its risks and benefits.

The Gilead study showed the results for patients in the 10-day study were not statistically significant. 

Providers are required to report all adverse effects to the Food and Drug Administration within seven days. Blood counts and panels must be monitored daily.

Don Walton: Nebraska coronavirus specialist promises ‘we’re going to win’

Nebraska has received four shipments of remdesivir so far, the department said, which is enough for a five-day course of the medication for 385 patients.

The drug, which previously failed as a treatment for Ebola, is designed to disable the mechanism by which certain viruses, including the coronavirus, make copies of themselves and potentially overwhelm their host’s immune system, according to a Reuters report. 

No treatments exist with U.S. approval, or vaccines, for the new coronavirus that has infected more than 6.4 million people and killed at least 383,000 worldwide, including more than 110,000 U.S. deaths.

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