Jillian Michaels 7-Minute Fitness Challenge, Day 6: High Intensity Calorie Burner

Health and fitness expert Jillian Michaels created a 7-day challenge for Yahoo readers. Each day features a 7-minute calorie burning, strength building, confident boosting workout. Are you up to the challenge?

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Video Transcript

JILLIAN MICHAELS: Jill here, and it is day six of our seven-minute, seven-day challenge for Yahoo Life. Today is HIIT training. Don’t get upset. Don’t get mad at me. I’m looking out for you because HIIT training burns a crazy amount of calories, and it gets you fitter a heck of a lot faster. So we’re just going to jump right in and get this party started.

Let’s rock and roll with today’s workout, cross-over jacks. Be ready to go in 10 seconds.


Hit it for 20 seconds. Here we go.

Cross-over jacks are great because they increase your range of motion for a greater warm-up. You got 10 seconds left, making sure to alternate which arm is on top and which arm is on bottom. Nice work. Let’s go to the next one.

All righty, behind-the-back jacks. We’ll go in 10.


I want to go for 20 seconds. All right, go.

Behind-the-back jacks are a slightly more advanced version of your standard jumping jack because you have an increased range of motion. So not only is it going to accelerate heart rate a little bit more, but it’s also going to target your back muscles when you’re clapping behind your back.

Excellent. Next one. Now, we’ll start in 10.


Let’s go for 20 seconds. OK, start now.

You are doing great. Just keep moving. Explode off the ground. Just 10 more seconds left. Good. Deep breath. Moving on.

Speed bag, hit it. Get ready to begin in 10 seconds.


You’ve got 20 seconds. Ready? Begin.

I want you to move through as wide of a range of motion as possible. You should really feel the burn in the shoulders on this one. Keep those arms out in front of you.

OK, done. Moving on. Long jump run around Hit it. Be ready to begin in 10 seconds.


Hit it for 20 seconds. Let’s begin.

Allow your arms to lead your legs. Focus on landing softly. Jump as far forward as possible. OK, done. Moving on.

Next up, uppercuts. Be ready to go in 10 seconds.


Let’s do 20 seconds. Start now.

You know what? I get it. It hurts. It sucks. It’s uncomfortable. In the moment, sometimes exercise is not fun, but the results, that’s what you’re fighting for. Think about that right now.

We’re finished. OK, plié pops. We’ll start in 10 seconds.


Let’s go for 20 seconds. Ready? Begin.

Never straighten your legs or come to an upright position. You’ve got 10 seconds left. Make sure to land soft with little hops.

Perfect. Next exercise. Come on, speed rope. Be ready to begin in 10 seconds.


Go for 20 seconds. OK. Hit it.

Focus on your breathing. Make sure to synergize your upper and lower body as though you’re really jumping rope. Quick, quick, quick. OK, done. Moving on.

All right, alternating knee thrusts, side. Be ready to go in 10 seconds.


Let’s do 20 seconds. OK, let’s go.

Really engage your oblique. 10 seconds. Stick with this and stay with me. Good, deep breath. Moving on.

Next exercise, alternating snap kicks. Be ready to go 10 seconds.


Go for 20 seconds. Ready? Begin.

Crush this workout. Do it for you. I still need good speed, and get that heart rate up. The key is to chamber the leg by bringing the knee up, heel back, and then point the toe and extend the leg.

Who’s proud of you, huh? Who’s proud? This girl. That’s right, proud of you, super proud of you. I’m proud of you. That’s right. If I could reach through your headphones right now and give you a big sloppy hug and a kiss, I would. I’m so proud of you.

OK, good job today, and the great news is that tomorrow is our last day of the challenge, and it’s a recovery day. So foam rolling, five minutes of chill. I mean, we’re going to breeze through that.

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