International Yoga Day 2020: This is how you can celebrate Yoga day at home amid lockdown

The coronavirus outbreak has halted our lives and ceased our freedom to move out freely from our homes. But it has also left various positive impacts as people have started spending more time with their family members and also caring about their health and fitness.

To keep oneself fit and healthy, people have started joining online Yoga classes. As we all know that Yoga Day is approaching and will be celebrated across the world on June 21. Amid coronavirus fear, no gathering is allowed, therefore, we have to perform Yoga inside our homes only.

This year, the theme of International Yoga Day 2020 has been kept according to the ongoing condition due to the COVID-19 pandemic i.e. ‘Yoga at Home, Yoga with Family’.

On June 21, the Yoga Day event will be streamed online from 7 am. The objective of the day is to highlight the importance of health-building and stress-reliving aspects of Yoga.

Because of the lockdown, gyms and other health & fitness centers not functioning as usual, therefore, fitness trainers have started training people via online classes. Due to coronavirus lockdown, engagement on online platforms has been increased. Even people who have started joining the online fitness classes by staying indoors.

Amid coronavirus lockdown, there is a surge in people who want to learn Yoga through online classes. In the wake of an increase in the usage of social media, fitness instructors have also started giving classes through Instagram live, Facebook and on Zoom app. The yoga classes have popularly joined by senior citizens and kids too.

So, join online yoga classes this International Day 2020.

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