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Neha Saini

Tribune News Service

Amritsar, July 3

With several businesses beginning to find their feet after the Covid pandemic, the fitness industry, however, is still awaiting resumption. With no immediate scope of reopening in sight, professionals of the industry say that it will be a very slow transition towards the new normal whenever the gyms are allowed to open.

“Though the awareness related to health and fitness has increased during the lockdown, given that people have been consciously working to build their immunity, the business will take quite some time to adjust to the new normal,” said Aman Aggarwal, who is a manufacturer and supplier of fitness equipment.

In the absence of gyms and fitness studios, other alternatives have mushroomed as being fit has always been a prime priority for the masses. As a result, home gyms have captured the limelight and is the new fitness trend among the fitness freaks. Apart from that, personal training through social media platforms and online portals too has come up.

“There has been a huge emphasis on fitness and immunity during last few months due to pandemic. People are becoming aware and with social media and online platforms, its easier to train and exercise safely at home,” said Preeti Singh, a fitness coach and a dance coach.

The digital fitness and exercise channels are gaining popularity day by day, providing quality sessions and daily workout routines for the viewers. “Most of these fitness videos and channels were free during the initial stage of the lockdown. But, since the gym are not going to open anytime soon, it will surely have an impact on incomes of trainers. Hence, these fitness channels are now pay per view,” said Sunil Sharma, a fitness coach.

Meanwhile, a few owners and trainers feel that on return to their workaday life, they will be ready for the new changes. “100% hygiene will be important so ozone treatment or sanitisation of all equipment will be done,” said Vishal Singh, who owns a gym and a fitness studio on the Mall road.

Speaking out

The shift towards home gyms has contributed to 300% to 400% increase in the sale of fitness equipment. The demand is so high that it’s difficult to meet the requirement. — Aman Aggarwal, manufacturer of fitness equipments

I have been conducting power yoga classes five days a week and we have received a big response on our online platform. The fact is that the fitness industry has shifted to digital world. — Preeti Singh, power yoga instructor

The trend of home gyms has given a boost to business with people inclined to buy basic workout equipment. The sales are promising and will continue to be so if the gyms do not open for long. — Neeraj Nayyar, gym and fitness equipment manufacturer

People have become more aware about fitness regimen during the lockdown. Until the gym and fitness arenas open, we are giving online personal training and home classes to our clients. — Sunil Sharma, fitness coach

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