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Hyperice Launches Next-Generation HyperSmart Technology to Revolutionize Recovery and Movement

“With the launch of the new HyperSmart ecosystem, our products, technologies and content will deliver high value to customers in their quest to move and recover faster, and live better,” said Jim Huether, CEO of Hyperice. “Hyperice devices and technologies change the physiology of the human body. Once again we are taking recovery to the next level with our innovative wellness offerings.”

HyperSmart seamlessly blends a user’s physical and digital activity to consistently guide them toward optimal wellness. With unrivaled expertise, Hyperice’s Human Performance Advisors created a proprietary algorithm that HyperSmart uses to interpret the data from wearables and physical activity, launching with Apple Health and Strava, to customize routines in the App exactly for each user and their goals. The more a user interacts with HyperSmart, the smarter it becomes, recommending personalized routines for body maintenance, improved flexibility, and optimized performance by analyzing each user’s Hyperice App profile alongside wearable data that considers the type, duration, and intensity of their workout.

Designed to encourage more consistent and appropriate use of each Hyperice customer’s devices, HyperSmart also provides each user with a HyperSmart Score in the App. The score is a custom indication of how well a user is matching their Hyperice device usage to their activity. The HyperSmart Score is a powerful, easy-to-understand metric designed to keep users exercising, recovering, and moving at their very best.

The Hyperice App is designed to provide all Hyperice device owners with an interactive education on how to get the most out of their devices, optimize their warmup and recovery experiences, feel their best, and meet their fitness goals. Customized, curated content guides users through instructional video percussion, vibration, and thermal routines, and explains the philosophy behind Hyperice’s technology. The App also provides exclusive content from the world’s best trainers, experts, and athletes such as Naomi Osaka and Juju Smith-Schuster, as they take users through their favorite routines and share personal tips.

The Hyperice App experience becomes transformative when connected to Apple Health and Strava, (with more partners coming soon). Powered by HyperSmart, the App will send personalized notifications for recommended routines based on users’ activity and coach them to achieve their wellness goals.

The new Bluetooth-enabled Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus models offer frictionless connection to the App, and will automatically change settings, speeding up and slowing down the device via HyperSmart as the user follows the guided percussion routines. The new Hypervolt (Bluetooth) retails for $349, and the Hypervolt Plus (Bluetooth) for $399, and are now available for purchase on Hyperice.com. Existing customers will be able to follow guided routines on the App, beginning with Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus, and eventually throughout the entire Hyperice product suite. 

To download the Hyperice App on any iOS device, visit: Hyperice on the App Store. The Hyperice App will be available for Android devices in the Fall.

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About HYPERICE: Hyperice is an Inc. 500 global recovery and movement enhancement technology company specializing in vibration, percussion and thermal technology. Hyperice’s technology is used by the world’s most elite athletes in professional and collegiate training rooms, as well as rehabilitation facilities and fitness facilities globally. Hyperice has applied its technology and know-how into industries such as fitness, esports, healthcare, massage, and workplace wellness. In March 2020, Hyperice acquired NormaTec, innovators of cutting-edge pneumatic compression systems, to deliver world-class performance and wellness solutions. For more information, visit www.hyperice.com

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