Smoking is one of the tremendous reasons for death and illness. Smoking increases your danger of developing more than 50 health conditions. Some may be deadly, and others can affect the irreversible long period of harm to your body.

You can fall ill: If you smoke, if people surrounding you smoke like passive smoking.

Below are some effects of smoking on fitness and health.

If you believed that cigarette smoking only impacts your appearance and organ functions, then you are mistaken. According to the American Heart Association, the incremental deterioration of cardiac and lung functions due to smoking restricts your ability to exercise properly. Apart from this, smokers suffer from shortness of breath, faster heart rates, and poor blood circulation due to which a person becomes incapable to withstand the needs of physical training. Men’s smoking can lead to impotence due to less blood flow to the penis. So smoking affects the skin, lungs, heart, teeth, and many other body parts and deteriorates health. Thus is always a bad choice and should be avoided.

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