How Long It Actually Takes To See Results From A New Workout

Arguably the first one is the hardest, but it’s also the month to set up a nutrition and fitness plan and find out what works best for your body. If you are new to resistance training generally you will see some results with an increase in muscle tone, decrease in body fat and increase in strength in as short as two to four weeks. This is what you can call ‘newbie gains’ when an untrained individual begins resistance training for the first time they have a huge window for adaptation.

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Three Months In

The three month mark is when the changes really start to show and not just in the way of weight loss. You should be feeling fitter and your overall strength should have increased. If you have been keeping to a nutrition plan you should also see a noticeable body fat drop at this point as well as feeling better as your body would have adjusted to the nutrition plan. Three months could also be a good point to start changing up your workout plan and try something new. If the gym has been your jam start a new class like boxing or join a bootcamp to keep your workouts exciting and ignite different muscles.

By this point you are well and truly into your new health and fitness lifestyle. You should be well on the way to reaching your goals (or have achieved them depending on what goal was set) and see a serious change from day one. Around this time weight loss could also plateau so try changing up your nutrition plan to reboot your metabolism and keep your progress going. 

This however, should just be used as a guide as there are a lot of other factors that can also affect results. Ella’s top tips for getting the best results are: 

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