Health tech and fitness startup,, launched in India, a IoT(Connected to Internet) based fitness and health app has been launched in India to help people with their home workouts, diet plans, and simultaneously monitor their health.

This app provides fitness, wellness, nutrition, family health monitoring on its single platform. The company aims to catch the attention of more than 90 million health-conscious individuals (HCI’s) . Atul Kapoor, an IIT Bombay is the brain behind this startup.

The app lets you control your goals by tracking calories and steps, breakdown ingredients, log activities, check BMI, and weight. It helps you check your heart rate, respiration rate, oxygen levels, and blood pressure through your smartphone with the help of a sensor device. It also suggests your diet plans and home workout plans according to your access to the equipment. The app also keeps a track of your aliments to help you achieve your goal.

In a statement, Atul Kapoor said, “I decided to introduce a health and wellness platform for an individual and his family with a pure intention of helping people to own a healthy body and mind”.

The company has also announced that it will be have a package which will enable people to track their health and wellness, for oneself and their family members.

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