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Ligament sprains also can be a habitual occurrence. Ligaments connect and support the bone structures they attach to. A ligament sprain can develop from walking on uneven surfaces, improper shoe wear, foot structure type and muscle weakness.

Symptoms can vary from swelling around the injured ligament, bruising, pain and the inability to put weight on the injured extremity. What treatment you need to recover depends on the severity of the ligament sprain.

Tendinitis is another injury that can happen affecting both the upper and lower body tendons during aerobic exercise. Lower-extremity tendons are subjected to bearing more weight load and muscle use increasing the potential for injury development. Tendons are structures that “link” the muscle to the bone, providing motion or support to the bone in which they connect to.

Your lower body has upward of 45 tendons that act in varying roles to allow us to move. Injury to a tendon could come from muscle fatigue or improper use, foot structure type, gait imbalance and numerous other ways. Symptoms from a tendon injury could be swelling around the injured tendon, pain with motion, or pain with pressure. Similar to ligament sprains, treatment depends on the degree of tendinitis. First line treatment can consist of PRICE therapy but can also include physical therapy or oral/topical medications.

Unfortunately, no one knows what the outcome of this unforeseen pandemic will be, but one thing remains clear: the need to keep exercising if medically stable. Returning to pre-COVID-19 activities is a thought on many people’s minds. When it comes to exercise, it’s important to take proper precautions to prevent injuries. Talk to your health care provider if you have any concerns. If you get injured, make sure to seek proper medical attention and it will allow you to recover more quickly and prevent further harm. In some cases, surgery might be required.

Michael McCann is a doctor of podiatric medicine practicing at MUSC Health-Podiatry on the main campus of MUSC Health Florence Medical Center. He is accepting new patients. For more information, call 843-674-1480 or visit

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