Get As Fit As Thor With These Three Excellent Workout Apps

Gone are the days when putting together a viable workout plan was a painstakingly tiresome process. It might not seem like it when you turn on the news these days but, in terms of technology at least, we’ve never had it so good – especially when it comes to training. Now, we have a bounty of well researched fitness apps from actual experts, and  limitless options at the touch of a button that enable us to train harder, smarter and better than ever before.

There’s no denying that picking out the right app can be confusing though – there are literally thousands out there, each claiming to be the best, and it can be a nightmare to differentiate the fugazi from the real deal. Below are our picks for the three best workout apps on the market…


Centr, Apple/Android, 1, 3 and 12 month subscription plans available

Ever wanted to be as chiselled as a Norse God? Well now you can thanks to this workout app fronted by Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth. Centr is a personalised health and fitness program personally created by Hemsworth and his own team of trusted experts which gives users detailed workout plans which they can do from home or from the gym, including HIIT, boxing, yoga, strength training and much more.

Centr is more of a life coach than just a regular app and as well as workouts it also includes an in-depth 7-day meal plan which can be adapted to your own needs, whether you’re an omnivore, vegetarian or vegan, and even a mindfulness feature which gives you guided meditation and can even help with your sleep. It’s not the cheapest and you can expect to spend nearly £100 for a 12-month membership (There is also a 7-day free trial) but with all its features, it’s worth every penny. You’ll be an Avenger in no time. 

Best For: A Complete Overhaul


Seven, Apple/Android, Free (With in-app purchases available)

To quote the hitchhiker in There’s Something About Mary towards a terrified Ben Stiller, “No, no, not six! I said seven. Nobody’s comin’ up with six. Who works out in six minutes? You won’t even get your heart goin, not even a mouse on a wheel. Seven’s the key number here.”

That’s basically the mantra of Seven, a workout app that uses scientific studies to provide users with a wide array of seven-minute workouts that are perfect if you’re a bit pressed for time but still need to get the blood pumping. Seven is broken down into three categories; Get Fit, Lose Weight and Get Strong – all can be done at any time and any place, with absolutely no equipment required.

Best For: Quick Sessions


30 Day Fitness Challenge, Apple/Android, Free (With in-app purchases available)

Perfect for starting your new health kick with a bang, the 30 Day Fitness challenge does exactly what it says on the tin – namely, getting you fighting fit in the space of a month. The app has three 30-day programmes for you to choose from; abs, glutes and full body.

Designed by a professional coach and using scientific evidence to improve results, the 30 Day Fitness Challenge increases exercise intensity step by step, so you can easily stick to daily workouts.  Best of all you don’t need to leave the confines of your own home, with all workouts using bodyweight and only taking a few minutes to complete. Ideal for anyone embarking on a fitness journey for the first time.

Best For: Beginners

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