Fitness guru claims we’ve been doing push-ups ‘wrong’ and shares our big mistake

When it comes to getting in shape, there are a plenty of things we can do, from hitting the gym to going for a run or getting in the pool.

But a number of people love to do exercises like squats, planks or push-ups.

If you’re a fan of the latter, we hate to break it to you, but apparently you might have been making a bit of a mistake.

Yes, according to health and fitness expert Sam Wood, we’ve been doing push-ups incorrectly.

He has explained that there’s much more to the simple exercise than you might initially think – and that’s where people go wrong.

You don’t have to start on the floor, you can work up to it (stock photo)

Speaking to, the fitness guru said: “The biggest mistake people make is they try to do push-ups which they’re not strong enough to do yet.

“Attempting to do push-ups on your toes and on the floor before you have the strength to do it typically ends up very badly.

“It’s not doing you any good and is just locking you up through your shoulders and makes your posture really bad… it’s just a disaster.”

But don’t be put off, there’s a simple way you can work on this.

Wood recommends starting to do push-ups on a level you can handle, such as with your hands on a high bench.

Once you’ve mastered this, you can swap the bench for a sofa and then work your way to doing push-ups on the floor.

He adds that it’s better to do push-ups on your toes, not on your knees as it will engage your core, instead of putting too much pressure on your shoulders.

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