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F45 Hawai‘i Kai member

IXCL LLC aims to expand the world’s premier fitness concept with five future locations on O‘ahu. F45 Hawai‘i Kai, its newest venture, sets the pace of what boutique fitness should be. The property on the corner of Hawai‘i Kai Shopping Center is likely set to become the company’s most sought-after location. It’s already-alluring position on the water is sure to fuse a paradise feel into the fitness atmosphere. For the IXCL team, community is the driving factor.

Aside from providing constructive body transformations in the studio, the Hawai‘i Ka‘i team continues to be proactive in participating and hosting community events. (Recent collaborations with businesses such as Waiola, Kōkua Sun Care and Lululemon have had tremendous social impacts.)

F45 Hawai‘i Kai team members welcome everyone to the new facility at Hawai‘i Kai Shopping Center. PHOTO COURTESY SKY AND REEF PHOTOGRAPHY

For those unfamiliar, F45 stands for Functional 45: a mix of circuit and high-intensity interval training tailored toward everyday movement; and 45 representing the duration of training. F45 is famous for its team-like atmosphere and broad appeal to vast amounts of fitness levels. It’s also known for delivering optimal results in the shortest amount of time, regardless of age or fitness level. Renowned actor and fitness fanatic Mark Wahlberg commends F45’s fitness approach. Not only does he actively train at F45, but he has also purchased a stake in the franchise. Wahlberg isn’t the first to champion F45 training either, as news of its efficiency is widely recognized. According to David Morenfeld of IXCL, cardio days will have you burning up to 600-800 calories in just those 45 minutes.

In light of the current pandemic, F45 Hawai‘i Kai’s team has continued to raise the bar with extensive health and safety measures, like the installation of its UV-C light air purification system. The broad-spectrum germicidal UV-C light air filter system kills 99.9 percent of all bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 and MERS. Additional health and safety measures are discussed in an informative safety video published on F45 Hawai‘i Kai’s Instagram (@F45_training_hawaiikai) in the IGTV section titled “Safety.” It would be quite an understatement to say that the F45 ‘ohana has gone the extra mile to keep the community safe.

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