Fighting coronavirus: How this UAE-based fitness coach helped people keep fit during the pandemic – News

After the reopening of gyms in the country, anxiety and concern over the hygiene have topped everything else for this Thai fitness expert, also called Ohm.

Health and fitness coach Isareeya Saipetch could not let the pandemic take a toll on her passion and turned into a virtual instructor.

After the reopening of gyms in the country, anxiety and concern over the hygiene have topped everything else for this Thai fitness expert, also called Ohm.

“I feel the pressure to providing safe and effective exercises to my students, though it has to be done in an unconventional manner. With the new social-distancing norm, the physical presence has been restricted at times and it is just the communication via the virtual space at other times,” said the mother of two children, aged 12 and nine.

Her virtual fitness sessions, conducted via Zoom and Facebook, are named Dynamic Pilates, Gravity Yoga and FaceLift Yoga. “The online teaching experience was challenging at first, but then it became a part of my daily routine. It is safe, effective and fun, just the same as the live class, and still beating any hygiene-related worries.”

At the Inspire Sports gym, where Isareeya teaches Pilates Reformer classes, members’ safety and health is the first priority. With temperature checks at the entrance, students are reminded to use hand sanitisers or wash their hands before attending classes.

During the workout, a mask is not required, but a safe distance has to be kept at any given time. “Everyone has to bring their own towel, water bottle and mat. After the workout, the cleaning team wipes every surface and equipment with germ killers. Cleaning is done all day long at every room, every hour for the entire facility to ensure the hygiene of members and coaches,” she explained.

Students are also advised to book their class in advance, added Isareeya. “Due to the social distancing rule, the numbers of attendees per class are now limited. So, it is better to save a place beforehand, relax and enjoy this special time at the gym. Stay strong, live long and enjoy life as you keep moving,” advised the coach, who lives by the motto “Good health is true wealth”. 




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