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The maxim rightly suggests that every cloud has a silver lining; similarly, the mayhem caused by the novel Coronavirus brought with itself several positive changes in the everyday lives of individuals. One of these spoke about the increase in awareness and the growing focus on health and fitness. Citizens, across the globe, have understood the importance of staying fit, consuming a balanced diet and leading an overall healthy life.

This trend has led to a rise in demand for individuals operating in this sphere, making the industry extremely dynamic and flourishing.

As per a report published by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, the projected employment growth between 2010 and 2020 for nutritionists, fitness trainers and athletic trainers range from 20 to 30 per cent.

However, there is a widespread notion, which states that this field does not offer many variations in terms of the line of work, contrary to this belief, there are numerous opportunities one can find in this facet of the business. Here are some lesser-known yet highly rewarding career options in the field of nutrition and fitness, especially during such unprecedented hours:

Product formulator: Also known as a new product developer, these professionals are the brains behind the formulation of sports-specific nutritional offerings, such as protein-based powders, bars and energy drinks. Individuals can either work for an organisation as a part of their product development team or they can start their enterprise, which provides these bespoke products. Further, during the gruesome Covid-19 hours, supplements, which help in boosting one’s immunity whilst building the muscles, have witnessed an increase in demand.

Sports or fitness editor: As the lockdown has confined everyone within the four walls of their homes, people have turned to magazines, blogs, vlogs and other online platforms to read about the latest fitness trends. Additionally, with the absence of gyms, individuals are referring to these for guidance in terms of fixing a workout routine, figuring their diet plan amongst others. As a fitness editor, one can curate their content and help in inspiring people to stay fit the right way.

Fitness designer: If interior designing is what appeals to a person and they find their calling in the field of fitness, they can combine the two and experience the best of both worlds. As a fitness designer, one is responsible for the look and feel of a gym. It is a highly creative role, which entails a lot of precision; after all designing a workout arena can only be done by an expert who understands the basic nuances of the subject. Another aspect to the term “Fitness Designer” could be applying fashion designing to the fitness industry. Many brands have started employing fashion designers in their fitness apparel business.

Fitness marketer: In recent times, a shift from conventional advertising to digital mediums has been noted. Fitness marketing professionals are either full-time or freelance employees of an organisation, with the main aim to curate campaigns for sports, nutrition and fitness brands. Individuals possessing an interest in this area can combine their passions and profession to create remarkable outcomes.

The writer is VP at Vitabiotics Ltd, Nutrition and Fitness Expert.

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