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In addition, all were offered free coronavirus testing, and 67 took that offer and got tested. Now a pop quiz: How many patrons turned out to have COVID-19? Ready, set, go!

The answer: none. Not one. Nada. Not a single patron tested had COVID-19. Shocking, isn’t it?

It’s not that the stylists or clients all wore N95 masks, the kind health care professionals use. In fact, very few did. Some wore surgical masks. Others wore bandana type masks. Homemade masks were really common. But all of them — and I mean ALL — were protected by their masks.

There is a take-home message here: Masks work.

Now, I’ll grant you that’s only one case study, but it’s a real life study with real life consequences. It was real life where social distancing wasn’t possible, but masks were.

My spin: Dear readers, patients, friends and colleagues — whether you’re left or right, red, blue, purple or magenta; no matter what your belief system is, atheist or agnostic, live in a big city or in the boonies — if you want to get our economy up and running and the kids back in school, be a good citizen. Wear a mask.

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