Disability Rights Nebraska files complaint over Test Nebraska access | Health and Fitness

Test Nebraska could dispatch health care workers to a person’s residence to do testing for those who can’t make it to a site, she said. Or provide safe transportation in which a driver is wearing proper protective equipment. 

Cervenka said family members participate in daily activities, such as day camp for the kids, going to the grocery store and interacting with the public, where virus exposure could take place. 

She said her son was sent home from a day camp recently with a rash that the staff was concerned could be COVID-related, and they wanted a doctor’s note for him to return. The parents were able to verify it was not COVID-related, but if he had needed to be tested, they could not have accomplished that, she said.  

Dea Henke of Lincoln is also a person who has been left out of testing. She lives with a form of muscular dystrophy and no longer drives. When she developed symptoms including fatigue, muscle aches, a sore throat and vomiting, she called her doctor.

She was directed to take the Test Nebraska questionnaire. When she was approved for testing but could not drive there, her doctor told her the only option was to stay at home and see if her symptoms became bad enough to merit a trip to the emergency room in an ambulance. Henke already uses a ventilator at night to aid her breathing and is worried about her symptoms, which have not yet subsided.

— to journalstar.com

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