Coronavirus positivity rate: What the term means | Health and Fitness

Lately, a lot of health and elected officials have been using one term an awful lot: positivity rate.

That’s the percentage of people who test positive for the virus of those overall who have been tested. So, as more and more people are being tested, the focus is shifting to the positivity rate — how many of those tested are actually infected.

Miami-Dade County in Florida, where the number of cases is skyrocketing, on Sunday reported a staggering 26% positivity rate. So, for every 100 people tested, 26% of them tested positive for coronavirus. Its 14-day average was 22% that day.

A lot of officials, such as Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez, point to a rising positivity rate to counter arguments that the increase in case numbers is simply the result of more people being tested.

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