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Within this group, I am sure there are those who understand the benefits of such checkups but have run into a barrier in acting on this need. “I know I need to get in and see a doctor,” some might say. “Right now we are consumed by the agonizing choice of whether to send our children to school and, if not, how to manage remote learning,” they might add.

It is such stressful decisions that account for one-third of Americans experiencing high levels of psychological distress during the COVID-19 outbreak, according to a Pew Research Center report. It seems like so many choices we are making today involve deciding between troubling, unpleasant alternatives.

“We know more about the virus than we did five months ago, but still not enough to feel any choice is right,” the Chicago Tribune’s Alison Bowen writes. “It’s this constant risk/benefit analysis that we’re doing in our heads,” Vaile Wright, senior director of Health Care Innovation at the American Psychological Association, tells Bowen.

Sound familiar? Well, welcome to the world of crisis and “decision fatigue,” where COVID-19 applies added weight and stress to decisions small and large.

“Anecdotal evidence indicates that alcohol relapses, drug overdoses, and suicides are on the rise,” writes Michael Pittaro in Psychology Today. “Unchecked mental health issues are exacerbated by the uncertainty of what each new day will bring. … We do not have any prior experiences for our coping and resiliency skills to summon with memory recall, so we are essentially navigating through unchartered waters,” he adds.

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