Apple AirPods set to be the next biggest fitness coach

The Apple AirPods are rumored to receive a big new upgrade focusing on its users’ health and fitness by providing subscription services.

The effect of COVID-19 has been devastating for many companies. Apple, for its part, hasn’t been shy to admit that its encountering problems right now. The iPhone 12’s launch will be delayed by more than a month. Its Pro models will not ship on its launch date. Instead, it will be released a couple of weeks later at an unidentified time.

Be that as it may, the company is still busy ramping up developments on its other products, particularly, subscription services. It is rumored that Apple will release a new service specific for AirPods users.

Apple AirPods for health and fitness

It is rumored that Apple may release a competitor for Peloton and Nike. Both of these companies provide guided online exercise apps, and they have gained so much traction, especially during this pandemic.

Now, Apple wants a piece of the pie. Unlike Peloton and Nike, Apple has the advantage of marrying its hardware and software services into one powerful product. To do this, the company will have to make full use of its Apple AirPods technology.

The service will be a subscription-based product where users can choose any fitness activity from its list. After this, they will have to pop-on their AirPods to take advantage of its full features.

Apple AirPods set to be the next biggest fitness coach

For example, when users do any yoga exercise, the AirPods’ hardware can detect the position of the body and the head. As such, if the posture is wrong, a voice prompt will play for the user to adjust. Other exercises in the subscription may include cycling, rowing, and strength training.

Subscription services business

Apple’s main business is no longer hardware. For the past decade, it has been busy saturating the market with its devices. As such, it can only grow its hardware sales in small increments. To prevent stagnation, Apple has turned to ramp up its services business.

On the other hand, the fitness industry has seen a huge leap in sales throughout the pandemic. Even after this period, it will just continue to rise as people become more health-conscious. As such, Apple wants to cash in by providing subscription services. Users may be able to choose certain packages that can make full use of Apple’s ecosystem.

The details of Apple’s fitness subscription services haven’t been cleared out yet. As such, only the people from Apple can confirm these.

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