54-year-old heartthrob Milind Soman shares amazing health and fitness tips that you must follow; read here

New Delhi: Model-actor and fitness enthusiast Milind Soman is in his mid-fifties, but could easily pass off as a thirty-something. He says staying active, hydrating and self-care are the key elements to fight aging.

Milind shares tips on how one can age well, by making a few minor dietary and lifestyle adjustments.


If you know me at all, you know I love to work out and run — and I personally believe this habit of keeping my body active has helped me stay fit. A lot of people think aging slows your fitness and endurance levels, but take it from me – it is the opposite! Fitness and an active lifestyle slows down aging. I started running long distances when I was 40 years old, and I personally believe you are never too old to challenge yourself. Once you start respecting your body, and work towards keeping it healthy proactively, the results will amaze you. The only way to jump into is it to simply begin with one step!

Dedicate even five minutes every day and start with basic exercises such as stretching, yoga asana, planks or stair climbing. If these don’t work for you, spend time trying forms of exercise to find the best fit. It is not necessary to run a marathon or build a six pack! Find exercises that you can enjoy that help you maintain your basic muscular strength, joint flexibility and cardio vascular endurance. Once you have done that, exercising won’t feel like a task. You will enjoy it with enthusiasm.


Ensuring your body gets enough water helps in restoring the skin’s balance and fights overheating. Using natural moisturisers could be good to hydrate your skin as well. There are many natural ingredients that can be found in any kitchen that can make your skin feel fabulous! This helps in reducing fine lines, giving your skin a plumper appearance. Besides taking care of your skin’s health from the outside, it is also important to nourish it with the right food, to take care of it from within. Make sure to consume enough water, fresh fruits and vegetables every day to help maintain the body and skin’s hydration.


Self-care and healthy, active living is most important and taking the right measures will help you achieve your goal and age gracefully. The key is to spend a few minutes each day to do what is necessary to enable you to live your life to the fullest, every moment without fear. Keep moving.


As we grow older, it is as important as ever to be conscious of what we eat. Make sure our daily diet is full of healthy food. For me, almonds are one thing I make sure I eat every day. They are a rich source of protein and energy, and also known to contribute to cell regeneration and muscle recovery post activity. Beyond this, almonds are known to have satiating properties, which make them a great choice of snack. Having said that, I ensure I start my day a handful of almonds! Alternately, you could choose to have them in portions through the day, as a part of your breakfast bowl or a snack in between meals, or after a refreshing workout.


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